Praise for “A Garage Full of Ferraris”


Keith Johnston’s book is very worth the read. He’s managed to address the topic of leadership in a way GFOF1that’s both interesting and original – no easy feat considering there’s already a zillion books on the subject…..

What Keith has done is make it a personal journey of insight – and in so doing, takes the topic from an untouchable vantage point and brings it into a personal perspective. Clever AND valuable!

Each chapter is filled with stories and insights from various members of his leadership team about the challenges they faced and how they resolved them. We get to see the inside of both success AND failure which makes the discussion about leadership authentic, relatable and very relevant!

  – Suzanne Sherkin Q. Med.

“A Garage Full of Ferraris delivers rich, practical insights on effective leadership. I loved the many personal stories from a wide variety of leaders in situations that are relatable.”
– Mark Whitmire, Vice President, Global Delivery – Catapult Systems


This book will help potential and new leaders gain “street smart” leadership skills.  Just like there are many ways to drive a Ferrari, there are many leadership skills that can be used to lead a team.  salsa-practice-music-button_amazon_com

         – J. Cade Burks, President – Big Data Energy Services


“A convincing assessment of the untapped potential in most organizations.  A Garage Full of Ferraris can help you find and unlock the leadership qualities within your team.

      – Michael Ereli – Vice President, Customer Care – Perfect Commerce

” This book is a good read regardless of your life experiences.  It provides innovative leadership lessons on how to achieve success by effectively influencing people. Yet at the same time, enabling them to become better leaders.”
– Rick Wyman – Managing Director – COO at Andersen Tax

“The stories and examples in this book will make it easier for you to become a motivational leader. In an era where leaders are being asked to do more with less, this book will show you how. Unlock your leadership potential now.”
– Doug Stevenson, CSP, creator of The Story Theater Method and author of the book by the same name.

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