A thirty year career that took me to the four corners of the world provides the backdrop for some powerful stories of leadership and empowerment.  I have met with the Senior Vice President of Exploration for Russia’s largest energy company and have made presentations to Dick Cheney when he was the CEO at Halliburton.  I have strolled through Red Square in Moscow, walked on the Great Wall of China, and spent 27 years officiating football in Texas.  I have found leadership examples in every instance.


My Passion

 I’m passionate about helping professionals  realize their full potential and become more successful than they ever imagined.  READ MORE




My Journey:      

I have traveled to 32 countries.  I lived in England, Canada and the US, and have managed a global consulting organization.    READ MORE

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Keith is the author of two books and over 50 articles on success, leadership, empowerment and motivation.   READ MORE

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Mr_K_Johnston_Medium_v2Keith’s Bio:

Keith combines hands on experience in transforming global professional services practices with his passion for innovation and leadership, to unleash the growth of the organizations he serves.  READ MORE



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Football: Longhorns & Kangaroos; Sports Photography; Sherman, Texas to Hamilton, Ontario; Dick Cheney and More: READ MORE  dick-cheney


Yao Ming

Yao Ming

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