Are you a leader?

Are you a leader?

As I have interviewed leaders in different professions, I have been surprised by how many of them do not think of themselves as leaders.

This happens because the majority of people do not understand leadership.  They have grown up believing there is only one type of leader. 

We see it in movies and we see it in politics.  Movies portray leaders as egocentric or gregarious individuals that are willing to risk their lives to save the world.  Politicians are bold and outspoken.  They are back slappers and love to debate.

Take time to read a few leadership books or study the personalities of a larger group, you will find that leaders come in a variety of personalities.  The book “Good to Great” identifies humility as the most common trait among the leaders of the worlds most successful companies.

The fact of the matter is that different situations require different leadership styles.  An organization in crisis requires a different kind of leader than one that is growing rapidly.  The leader of a country at war needs to be different than the leader of a country expanding their economy in times of peace.

The book “The 8 Dimensions of Leadership” describes 8 different leadership styles and the strengths of each.

If you do not know your leadership style, there is a free and very enlightening assessment available that can help you get a handle on your strengths as a leader.  There are a multitude of books available and reasonably priced leadership profiles that help you understand the skills you need to polish to take your skills to the next level.

Get started on your journey to leadership:

  1. Take a FREE leadership assessment by sending an email to with the word “Leadership” in the subject line.
  2. Read about Leadership Success:  “A Garage Full of Ferraris
  3. Discover your strengths, weaknesses and obtain a plan to close the gap by taking the “Work of Leaders” profile.  Contact me at

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