Keith is the author of two books and over 50 articles on success, leadership, empowerment and motivation. His books include “Zero to $60 Million” which describes the achievement of unusual success resulting from taking non-traditional paths

Zero to 60 LowResThis book is an outstanding framework for growing a consulting business. Keith Johnston covers the top key ingredients to successful, sound growth, providing real world examples. The discussion on leverage is something EVERY small services company should read and understand. What Keith shares around consulting economics and metrics are the things that made the larger services companies very successful, as well as small ones. We’ve grown our company to over $45 million using these techniques.  – Lisa Blackwood



A Garage Full of Ferraris – How to unleash the potential in your high-performance teams to drive extraordinary results”.  Keith’s most recent book chronicles the success of fifteen leaders who achieved their success through the application of  ‘everyday’ leadership skills.  This book brings leadership to a level that everybody can understand.  To see what people are saying about “A Garage Full of Ferraris” CLICK HERE

GFOF1True leadership is bringing out the best in others which brings out the best in us all – Something which is unfortunately overlooked in so many ways within our cultures. This book brings awareness and fresh perspective to management, team spirit and leadership. It is a fabulous contribution to a desperately needed shift where true leadership is concerned. – Maureen Marie Damery


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