Our Leaders are not Leading

Our Leaders are not Leading

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My wife just got off a phone call with her aunt who lives in a retirement home several hours from here.  When she hung up, my wife broke into tears.

Her aunt has been confined to her room for the past several weeks and has learned that the governor of her state has declared that the lock down will continue for another month.  My wife’s aunt was devastated.  She is 95 years old and the isolation is taking a toll on her.  She said she is not sure she can put up with another month of confinement.

The action by the governor of her state and other community leaders is NOT leadership.  Far from it.

Leadership is about showing compassion and taking risks.  The easy thing for these “so-called” leaders to do is shut everything down.  Then no one can blame them for COVID-19 deaths.  But what about the 90% of the population they are ignoring?  I guess these pseudo leaders believe they won’t be blamed for the suicides or the heart attacks or those who can’t get other forms of medical care.

They won’t be held responsible for the thousands of businesses that close their doors forever and the impact that will have on the millions of people who will lose their livelihood.  No, they will sit in their ivory tower and continue to take the easy way out.

Fortunately, there are some real leaders who use their brains and show leadership.  They implement measures to address all of the issues.  They are sticking their own necks out and allowing businesses to open.  They permit people to leave their homes and enjoy fresh air.  These real leaders have set up task forces to develop innovative solutions to help people return to as much of a normal existence as possible.  That is what leaders do.  They listen to people they are leading and engage in conversations that result in workable solutions.  They don’t take the easy way out and just shut everything down.

Real leaders are compassionate, courageous and caring.

I suppose one good think that will come out of this crisis is that it will reveal how weak and perhaps corrupt many of the elected officials are.  The next time there is an election, will the people vote the pseudo leaders out of office?  They might elect someone who cares for the people entrusted to them.

Leadership Leads to Consistently High Morale

Leadership Excellence Trust

Strong leaders go out of their way to recognize individuals for their accomplishments.  They also make a point of celebrating the victories of the entire team.

These actions, combined with a positive work environment, contribute to consistently high morale.  In addition to recognition and celebration, strong leaders understand how important it is to empower the members of their team.

They provide the training and the resources needed to get their job done.  Then they give them a goal and let them go.  They don’t micromanage them, but they do check in with them occasionally and encourage them to ask for help when they need it.

Giving responsibility and trusting people helps build confidence and self-esteem.