Communication – The Key to Leadership

Communication – The Key to Leadership

It has long been held that communication is one of the keys to leadership.  In fact, many leaders of countries and of organizations have been selected to their leadership positions primarily because of their communication skills.

Many people think only of oral speaking skills when they think of communications, but there is much more to communication than just speaking eloquently.

At the heart of good communication is understanding one’s own communication style and how their communications differ from others.  Good communicators are able to frame their communications in a manner that is easily understood and appreciated by those they are communicating with.   A simple example is that some people love detail and are not happy unless you provide them with a lot of detail.  Others abhor detail, and prefer to communicate in generalities or at a high level.  For these two people to work together effectively, at least one of them needs to adapt their communication style to meet the other’s needs.

For fifty years or more, companies that appreciate the need for good communications have had their employees use assessment tools to help them understand the difference between communication styles.

One of the most effective of these tools is the DISC assessment.  I have been working with DISC for more than 20 years.

As I ease into retirement, I will be selling off my inventory of DISC assessments at a discount.

If you or your team need to improve how you communicate, send your questions to me at and put DISC in the subject line.

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