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With more than 35 years of experience, True North  is a global force in the training, development and consulting arena for managers and executives. We specialize in crafting and executing exceptional leadership developmental experiences that will transform how your organization approaches and practices leadership.

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2.    Find Out Why You Should Invest in Leadership Development

Building strong leadership skills in your management team will contribute directly to increased employee retention rates, enhanced teamwork and employee morale, and overall workforce performance improvements. Additionally, investing in leadership development coaching will help your company:

  • Develop a succession plan that prepares the top 10% of the workforce to take on a higher-level position
  • Build scalability into the organization without adding headcount
  • Reward top performers with a leadership coaching program and demonstrate a commitment to their development

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3.    Discover how we can help you

We help managers and executives develop leadership skill sets through customized programs that are guaranteed to:

  • Develop real-time situational leadership skills
  • Empower you with influencing skills
  • Give you the ability to create a shared vision
  • Create leaders who proactively communicate expectations
  • Help Leaders manage conflicts more effectively
  • Develop strategies to overcome difficulties with ease
  • Establish key relationships based on trust
  • Help you to achieve your business goals by focusing on four key areas:

Leadership               Communication               Innovation                   Coaching

Our programs will challenge leadership assumptions that drive leadership behaviors and yet do not get desired results. Get more information on:

>>> Effective Communication Skills Training and Leadership Development Workshops

>>> Strategic Leadership Consulting Programs

>>> Ongoing Leadership Development and Communication Skills Coaching

4.    Read About Our Clients and the Measured Results They Achieve

With our leadership skills training and communication development workshops, consulting and coaching programs we have turned executives into excellent leaders and collaborative team members. By employing the most comprehensive coaching tools and processes available our clients have reported these “returns” on their investment in leadership coaching:

  • Enhanced leadership skill sets
  • Higher rates of retention in the participant’s organization
  • Participant’s organization meets objectives more efficiently
  • Better alignment with boss’ vision and priorities
  • Higher rate of job satisfaction
  • A powerful message of commitment to the employee’s development and career path

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We understand that you want to get results fast. So, we make it very easy for you to partner with us to grow your top and bottom line results, reduce operating risk, and build and manage the capability of people and organizations. Find out how you can put True North to work for you in just 3 steps…and what you can expect. Click here now!

8.    Consider True North for Coaching, Consulting or to Speak at Your Next Event

Our comprehensive leadership learning and organizational development systems build sustainable results by incorporating –

  • A structured series of high impact, highly engaging seminars followed up with expert implementation coaching and ongoing support;
  • Executive coaching that time and time again effects a progressive increase in competitive advantage;
  • Exemplary implementation coaching that brings real-time results to the workplace setting;
  • Built-in feedback loops to ensure continuous improvement.

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