Finding the Perfect Leader

One of the biggest challenges facing organizations today is finding people with leadership skills.

Companies spend tens of thousands of dollars recruiting the perfect leader.  But all to often, they discover their new hire is not a good fit.

In many cases, one of their current employees has the skills they are looking for.  And he or she is right under their nose.  Unfortunately, they have never been tested or given the opportunity to lead.

Failure to identify these leaders is the result of not understanding leadership, or not using the tools available to assess leadership potential.

Many management teams are unable to recognize the potential leaders in their organizations because they don’t understand leadership or don’t appreciate that there are multiple leadership styles.  Different situations require different styles to achieve success.


What can you do?

Assess the skills of your current employees.

Determine the skills required to get you to your goals

Implement a program to help employees develop their skills so that when the need arises you have someone who can step in, avoiding delays, expensive fees and failure.

Assessment tools can help.  I use the DISC profiles and find them to be powerful and cost effective.

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Leadership Excellence

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