A Garage Full of Ferraris: How to unleash the potential in your high-performance teams to drive extraordinary results

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Leadership: The Differentiator and Path to Accelerated Growth

Leadership is not about command and control but rather taking risks, challenging conventional wisdom and breaking with tradition in order to create a brighter future.  As consultants we are expected to lead our clients through change by helping them see things differently.  By opening their mind to different possibilities we enable them to get out of their ruts and back on pathways to success. As consultants we are expected to overcome the adversity and skepticism our clients will inevitably experience, and provide the motivation needed to overcome the misgivings.  We prove our value by not letting them fall back into old habits or quit when progress is arrested or obstacles arise which seem insurmountable.

Leadership differentiates the highly profitable consultants from those that just get by.

To join the elite we don’t need a formula that will just keep us from getting into trouble, we need to use our intellectual capabilities; our imagination, will power, reason, intuition, memory and perspective to help develop solutions when we hit a brick wall or to check our thinking before we blindly follow the herd.

Extraordinary firms develop a culture of leadership where leadership is understood and practiced at all levels.  Every consultant understands their role in leading clients, leading teams and being leaders in their community; a totally integrated approach.

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Are you preparing your team to lead?

Are you giving your people opportunities to test their leadership skills in real life situations?

Will you have people ready to take the helm when an emergency hits and the captain is no longer available?

Empower the leaders in your organization
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Leadership Programs for the Professional Services Industry

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Develop Leadership Skills,
Build Trust,
Manage Change,
Strengthen Client Relationships,
Achieve Breakthrough Results!


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“Keith’s book is an outstanding framework for growing a consulting business. He covers the top key ingredients to successful, sound growth, providing real world examples. The discussion on leverage is something EVERY small services company should read and understand. What Keith shares around consulting economics and metrics are the things that made the larger services companies very successful, as well as small ones. We’ve grown our company to over $45 million using these techniques.” – L. Blackwood

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 “An engaging communicator, knowledgeable expert, and consummate business professional are only a few of the phrases I would use to describe Keith Johnston of True North Leadership……  His impressive background in project management and leadership enables him to connect theory and practice effortlessly, and to relate key concepts and principles using colourful, real-life stories of past successes and challenges.  I can highly recommend Keith for similar business-oriented presentations, corporate training seminars, and consulting engagements.”     – Glen J. Coulthard

This highly competitive and ever-changing environment cries out for adaptive organizations, communication skills training and leadership development solutions that will help you:

  • Become a BETTER leader
  • Accelerate GROWTH through stronger leadership
  • Create HIGH-PERFORMANCE teams that are motivated to take your organization to the next level
  • Build STRONGER, MORE MEANINGFUL relationships with clients and prospects
  • Make the RIGHT decisions that will improve your productivity and your bottom line
  • Reduce risk and LOWER COSTS by at least 10% with more effective leadership and management strategies
  • Achieve GREATER results fast

Those companies who take immediate action and invest in True North’s leadership and communication workshops, coaching programs and consulting services now will succeed in ANY economic environment.

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