Leadership Impact on Productivity

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Good leaders can have a huge impact on the productivity of their teams.

Creating a vision and clear goals are key to enhancing productivity.  It is critical that these be believable.  In addition, a good leader will ensure that their team feels ownership of the vision and goals.

If the members of your team do not believe it is possible to double the size of the business in one year, they will not do what is necessary to make it happen.  If they do not believe their goals are achievable, they will not approach work with the required enthusiasm.

Good leaders take time to ensure the members of their team are clear on how to achieve a vision and how to accomplish a goal.  This can be done by breaking a lofty vision or long-term goals into shorter term projects.

The critical step in achieving great productivity is the empowerment of those you have entrusted to run the projects.  If the members of your team feel you will be second guessing their decisions, their productivity will suffer.  If they believe they need your approval before moving forward, they will hesitate to take action when the need to.  Hesitation and delays resulting from waiting on you will result in missed opportunities and a less than perfect outcome.

The key to empowerment is to provide training and the resources required to successfully deliver on the assigned tasks.

Leadership Leads to Consistently High Morale

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Strong leaders go out of their way to recognize individuals for their accomplishments.  They also make a point of celebrating the victories of the entire team.

These actions, combined with a positive work environment, contribute to consistently high morale.  In addition to recognition and celebration, strong leaders understand how important it is to empower the members of their team.

They provide the training and the resources needed to get their job done.  Then they give them a goal and let them go.  They don’t micromanage them, but they do check in with them occasionally and encourage them to ask for help when they need it.

Giving responsibility and trusting people helps build confidence and self-esteem.