One of the reasons that many companies refuse to invest in leadership and communication skills is that they find it difficult to articulate the benefits of this kind of training.  This is surprising since the success or failure of most service organizations hinges upon the strength of their leadership and communication skills.  The five areas listed below are where organizations are able to measure the greatest tangible benefits from their investment in their people.

If you are having problems in any of these areas, set a goal to improve your performance, quantify your goal, then invest in training and monitor your performance.  You will be amazed.

  • Growth – The single biggest inhibitor to growth is a shortage of leadership.
  • Repeat Business – Clients establish long term relationships with organizations they trust. Do your clients trust you?  Do your people know how to embolden trust in their clients?
  • Opportunities – When you have a reputation for leading your clients through difficulty, more doors will open for you.
  • Turnover – Companies that invest in their people find that their people stay with them longer.
  • Fewer Problems – Organizations who help their people develop the skills needed to commuicate effectively with their clients find they have fewer problems and the problems they do have are resolved more quickly.  This results in fewer write-offs and higher profits.


Local Consulting Practice in Major Market

As a small consultancy, this firm was struggling to gain ground with the largest employer and user of consulting services in town.  They had been successful with a number of small projects, but were considered a second tier provider.  When a crisis hit the large client they were called in because of their involvement in an earlier project in a related area.  As a result of the leadership principles and coaching from our team, the small firm demonstrated a willingness to work with and assume responsibility for a third party provider with a unique set of skills.  They were able to stabilize the affected area, and avert disaster.  Their willingness and ability to show leadership catapulted them into a preferred provider position with their client, and resulted in several years of lucrative assignments.

New Office of Regional Consulting Firm

When this firm opened a new office in a large metropolitan city, they moved one of their more experienced consultants to this location to help lead projects.  As a result of an aggressive marketing effort in a niche area, they found themselves with more opportunities than they could manage with their existing team.  Through the coaching and training we provided we were able to build a leadership structure with their existing staff that enabled them to win and successfully complete more projects than they thought possible.  This resulted in them quickly gaining traction in a competitive market.

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Keith Johnston
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