Leadership is a journey, not a destination.

Each day brings new challenges and a new set of complex issues.

Millennials approach work and business differently and present a different set of challenges, stretching your leadership skills.

Everyday demands on your time keep you from dedicating the time and energy required to coach your successors.

We are available to support your ongoing leadership needs.building_success_9175

We can launch you on your leadership journey and support you as you encounter unexpected challenges or just need someone to listen to your ideas.


Start here with a Leadership Profile highlighting your strengths and challenges in three leadership disciplines: Visioning, Alignment and Execution.  (CLICK HERE TO SEE A SAMPLE)

Work of Leaders Profile plus two coaching sessions:  $297 US

If you feel the need to know how others view your leadership, perhaps you are ready to step up to a 360 review from those who know you.

Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders plus two coaching sessions:  $497 US


For more information, call or contact us: please let me know.

To Your Success,

Keith Johnston
Founder, True North



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