“I thought you had to be born a leader, how do you go about developing leadership skills?”

You develop leadership skills the same way you develop any skills.  Leadership in many ways is similar to selling, companies spend more money on sales training than any other kind of training and yet selling, like leadership, is all about INFLUENCE.

The first step in developing leadership skills is to ensure that your people are aware of the skills needed to be an effective leader.  Countless studies have been conducted to study leadership, and in most cases they all come up with the same list of skills.  Leadership training, like sales training, helps people understand how to leverage the strengths they have and develop those skills which will help them lead.

Once your people understand what leadership is all about, they can continue to improve their skills through coaching and continuous feedback.

“Does True North have assessment tools to help determine the current strength of leadership skills?’

Yes, we use a variety of assessment tools to assist in establishing a benchmark for leadership skills as well as other skills needed to improve the effectiveness of your team’s interpersonal skills.

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