Mid-Sized Global Software Company

 “We had aggressive plans for expansion of our services organization, but were having a difficult time attracting the experience we felt we needed to lead and grow our business internationally.  Keith and his team showed us how to leverage the leadership skills of our existing staff.  With the help of their coaching and training we were able to achieve our goals and increase revenue from $12 million to $55 million in less than three years.”


New Industry Practice in International Office of Global Consultancy

We were struggling to get our energy consulting business moving in a country where two other firms dominated the market.  Keith and his team helped show us how to take a leadership position in an area where we had a competitive advantage.  By executing on several leadership principles, nine months later we won an engagement with the largest gas distribution company in the region that ultimately resulted in $60 million in consulting fees for us.”

Regional Technology Consulting Firm

“We found ourselves in a position of losing our largest client when they hired a senior  executive from our primary competitor.  When the client announced that our competitor would be taking responsibility for our largest project we developed plans to re-deploy our people and potentially lay off some our staff.  Keith and his team helped us see how our experience with the client, and the trust we had established, put us in a leadership position.  The result was that we expanded our role in the client’s organization, increasing our presence from 14 to 25 FTE’s..

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To Your Success,

Keith Johnston
Founder, True North

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