ROTA15-16I started my 30 plus year professional services career with one of the most successful IT consulting firms where I progressed to partner.

 Time and again throughout my career, I witnessed strong leadership and talent management practices producing tremendous growth and profits.

 In one instance I found myself in charge of a struggling IT consulting practice.  I recognized that developing true leaders in the practice was critical to turning things around.  The transformation was remarkable and the practice grew rapidly.  Within 18 months our average project grew tenfold from $30,000 to $300,000.

 When working with a consulting firm in Europe and the Middle East, I discovered that the same basic principles applied and the international business community quickly embraced a fresh approach centered on innovation and leadership.  By focusing on people, relationships, leadership and innovation, my efforts resulted in a successful $60 million project, the largest project in the world for my firm.

 I also had an opportunity to lead the development of a professional services organization for a mid-sized software company.  Within three years we grew the staff from 60 to 360 consultants, and expanded revenue from $10 million to $55 million.

 I look forward to helping your firm achieve these kind of results as well.  To get started, CLICK HERE schedule a complimentary and confidential discussion regarding how you can empower your team.

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