AC40th-96C2PMore than any other industry, professional services relies on the skills, innovation and collaboration of its workforce to attract new clients and deliver high quality solutions.

 People and organizations have far more potential than most people realize.  Realizing this potential requires opening your mind to greater possibilities and believing those possibilities can and will become a reality.

 I’m passionate about helping people realize their full potential and become more successful than they ever imagined.

 Throughout a career in professional services that spans more than 30 years, I found that success comes from more than a good idea and hard work.  Believing in what you have to offer and having the courage to swim against the tide can produce results far exceeding expectations.

 In many cases, you need to break from tradition and use new approaches to overcome inertia and achieve extraordinary results.

 A platform of best practices is necessary, but to reach the rarefied air at the top of the pyramid you have to have the courage to challenge “collective wisdom”.  I help my clients do just that.

Learn more about my passion for leadership and how 15 of my former colleagues and mentors achieved extraordinary results in “A Garage Full of Ferraris”

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