Communication Problems?

Communication Problems?

Communication Leadership Excellence

One of the biggest inhibitors to productivity and success in any organization is poor communications.

We have all experienced the frustration of dealing with a co-worker who doesn’t see things the same way we do.

  • They spend too much time in the details or
  • They don’t spend enough time in the details.
  • They are overly concerned about people’s feelings or
  • They don’t show enough concern for the feelings of others.
  • They move too fast or
  • They don’t move fast enough.

You don’t understand why your co-worker acts the way they do.  You begin to think they are either stubborn or stupid.

These conflicts in personalities can be disastrous.

Fortunately there is an answer to your dilemma.  The DISC behavioral profile was developed decades ago to help us understand our own behaviors but more importantly, those of others.

By knowing your behavioral style and being able to quickly determine the styles of your co-workers, you can adapt your style to theirs or be patient as you coax them into communicating in a manner that fits your style.

With a better appreciation of these style differences, communication can improve dramatically and with it harmony and productivity.

The DISC assessment is designed to help people understand the primary communication/behavioral styles and learn how to work with people whose styles are different from yours.

For a limited time I am offering DISC profiles (with a 20+ page report on your style) for only $50 US.

Five Compelling Reasons to Invest in Leadership Development

Leadership Excellence

Companies and individuals have a tough time justifying the cost of leadership development. They find it hard to point to immediate quantifiable benefits.

In most cases, people hesitate to make this investment because they don’t understand leadership. They think leadership is only for the handful of executives at the top.

I have even heard owners of small companies say: “I am the leader, why do we need to train anybody else?” Then they can’t understand why they work 80 or 90 hours a week and never seem to get anywhere. How sad is that?

The fact is, improving leadership skill of everyone in the organization has enormous benefits. The best companies boast about their great leadership at all levels of the organization.

Here are a few of the benefits resulting from leadership development.
1. You are able to attract and retain higher quality people.
2. You experience consistently high morale.
3. You are more productive.
4. You are more innovative.
5. You are more profitable.

Over the next few weeks I will delve into each of these benefits in more detail and explain how leadership impacts each of them.