Take the Helm

Transition to Leadership

For most people the transition to leadership is the most difficult move in their careers.  This transition challenges people to move from being individual contributors, measured on their own contributions, to being measured on their ability to inspire others and produce results through their ability to influence others.  Given the challenges of the transition to leadership, we have developed this program to help equip supervisors and new mangers with the tools required to overcome the problems typically encountered in this transition.

 There are four steps to developing leadership in your organization.  We have chosen to use the acronym HELM to group those steps.  The steps include Health, Engagement, Leadership, and Management/Motivation.

  • Health – basic requirements for survival
    • Accountability/Responsibility                                                                                 
    • Communications
    • Empathy – Leveraging your behavioral style
    • Presentation Skills
    • Delegation
    • Motivation
  • Engagement
    • Establishing Trust and Credibility
    • Leveraging your Listening Skills
    • Challenge Conventional Thinking
    • Communicate a Shared Vision
    • Decision Making  (maybe belongs under Health) 
  • Leadership
    • Recognizing Leadership Characteristics
    • Building Confidence
    • Communicating Values
    • Fostering Innovation
    • Changing Non-productive Habits
    • Leaving Everyone with the Feeling of Increase
    • Courage 
  • Management
    • Change Management
    • Negotiating
    • Discipline
    • Risk Management
    • Managing Long Term Relationships
    • Staying on Course 
  • Motivation
    • Listening for comprehension
    • Educating and empowering
    • Recognition

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