Zero to 60 LowRes

Over a period of 12 years I was directly involved in developing or delivering approximately $250 million in consulting services. 

Very little of what happened in that 12 year period followed a pattern anyway similar to what I had learned in the first 12 years of my career.  I have captured the “Lessons Learned” from my experiences into a book entitled “Zero to $60 Million – Leading the Growth of a Professional Services Organization”.



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“‘Zero to $60 Million’ presents a set of powerful messages that everyone running a consulting practice should use to challenge themselves and their operating model.  Keith Johnston provides a great tool that can be used as part of a Quality Assurance process for identifying issues impacting a firm’s ability to grow it practice and profitability.  Even the most experienced senior executives in IT consulting firms can gain a better perspective on how to improve their service delivery capabilities by studying these lessons.”  – E. Lambert

Table of Contents:

The Operative Word is Leverage

  • Getting the most out of your Resources

Change Your Thinking – Change Your Results

  • The story of zero to $60 million

Strategic Planning – Achieving the Vision

  • Making $40 million look small

 Establishing Trust – Building Strong Client Relationships

  •  What senior executives expect from their consultants

Never Give Up – Challenging Conventional Wisdom

  •  Everybody else may be wrong

Risk Management

  •  Steps to avoiding a disaster